Meet The DreamBIG Team


Lynn Adams King – Executive Producer

Lynn Adams King is a multifaceted individual known for her unwavering commitment to her community and her impressive accomplishments as an entrepreneur and community activist. As the Executive Director of DreamBIG Angel Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and the creator of DreamBIG Productions LLC, an up-and-coming TV and film production company, Lynn has left an indelible mark on the lives of many.

Lynn's journey in television began in the late 1990s in Columbus, Ohio. Operating under the moniker Lynn "LA!" Adams, she conceived a live studio audience TV talk show called "The LA! Live Show." For over three years, Lynn produced, directed, and hosted the show, which aired on the Public Access Channel and tackled hot-button community issues, particularly those revolving around the complexities of romantic relationships. Relocating to Atlanta shortly after the 1996 Olympics, Lynn's passion for media was reignited, leading to the revival of "The LA! Live Show." The show underwent a transformation, shifting from a fixed studio setting to an on-location format at various notable spots around Atlanta.

Alister Gordon – Alegor Media

Our team of social media strategists are pros when it comes to crafting a particular social media vibe. We do this by creating intriguing visual content combined with optimization techniques geared toward a particular sector. Whether a client is promoting a chill lifestyle brand or an edgy new television concept, our customized branding and marketing strategies put them on the social media spectrum as true professionals. At Alegor Media, we have carved out a niche specially designed to help small businesses reach their target demographic. Our team of consultants listen closely to the needs of our clients, then work diligently to create a tailor-made digital media campaign that allows them to compete on the same level as their much larger, corporate competitors. There are no cookie-cutter templates used at Alegor Media. Our job is to position our clients as a uniquely made, one-of-a-kind in their field.

We monitor and implement new social media strategies as trends change to offer small businesses the same high-end services major corporations utilize to attract customers. Our consultants help businesses set straight-forward, realistic goals that allow us to track progress and tweak benchmarks as necessary. We believe these combined strategies are the "secret sauce" to increasing brand visibility and effortlessly turning.

DreamBIG Productions LLC
DreamBIG Productions LLC

Tiffany Cunningham - Executive Assistant

Tiffany is an indispensable member of the DreamBIG Productions LLC team, holding the important role of Executive Assistant to the production staff. Her passion lies in optimizing operations and providing unwavering support to senior executives. With a proven track record in calendar management, travel coordination, and fostering seamless communication, she excels within the dynamic realm of fast-paced environments.

Tiffany's exceptional communication abilities and innate project management skills coalesce effortlessly, endowing her with the ability to foresee requirements and orchestrate seamless operations. A refined attention to detail serves as her guiding compass, ensuring that no facet is overlooked. Her unwavering dedication extends to projects that command the attention of global audiences. Tiffany is an integral part of DreamBIG Productions LLC’s plans for global expansion. Her role as Executive Assistant is a testament to her proficiency, dedication, and the pivotal role she plays in the seamless execution of our creative ventures.